Vivarium and Transgenics Core
Bryn Eagleson, MLAS, LATG
Vivarium and Transgenics Core Director

Bryn Eagleson began her career in laboratory animal services in 1981 with Litton Bionetics at the National Cancer Institute’s Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center (NCI-FCRDC) in Maryland. In 1983, she joined the Johnson & Johnson Biotechnology Center in San Diego, California. In 1988, she returned to the NCI-FCRDC, where she continued to develop her skills in transgenic technology and managed the transgenic mouse colony. During this time, Ms. Eagleson attended Frederick Community College and Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. In 1999, she joined VARI as the Vivarium director and Transgenics Special Program manager. In December 2006, Ms. Eagleson earned a B.S. degree in psychology from the University of Maryland University College and, in May 2015, she earned a Master’s degree in Laboratory Animal Science from Drexel University.